About Me 

I’ve always been a maker, whether it be polymer clay, crochet, pyrography or numerous other media. I took ceramics evening classes in 2017 and realised that this is the place for me. Not only is it forgiving of my colour-blindness, but it allows me to use the style developed in my range of colouring books as stencilled decoration. I am now so in love with clay that it has become my full time thing. Turning a lump of clay into a pot that feels wonderful to cup your hands around is like creating your own magic spell; it's an amazing thing to do. Please try it yourself if you ever get the opportunity. It's unbeatable.

My ceramics are made using stoneware clay and glazed either with my own stencilled designs or with glazes that suit the texture in my hand built pieces. My style varies and I refuse to limit myself to a single ‘look’, although a unity of feel seems to permeate my pieces despite this.

Having been a fancy rat breeder for several years I maintain a liking for rat themed pieces, but also for pets and wildlife in general. My latest inspiration is from carved gourds and I hope to bring these designs to Folksy in 2020.

My studio consists of a spare bedroom at home in Rugby, Warwickshire, and a 60 litre electric kiln in the garage. I enjoy taking a stall at local craft fairs and am also enjoying growing online sales with Folksy.

Thanks for reading this somewhat disjointed summary, I hope you enjoy browsing my selection of goodies.

All the best,

Annette :)